What about September?

So much is going on in the news and things happening in the world. The crazy weather patterns. The crazy way people act. The crazy comet, Elenin, heading towards earth. The crazy riots in the Mideast.  The crazy defaulting debt and economy. What does it all mean? Why is it all pointing to September?

This message gave me goosebumps!!! This guy is a great speaker and explains why and how Jesus’ return is very soon… sooner than you may think. Take a minute to listen, it gets really, really good towards the end. (besides, he’s funny) :)

Could September 2011 be a significant month as it relates to Bible Prophecy? Pastor JD looks at several prophecies, all of which point to a most interesting month in September of this year.

The only thing I would add is… don’t prepare for it to happen in September. We should live each day serving God and doing our best to live like Jesus wants too… we never know when we will get to meet Him in person.

Maranatha and God bless!


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