Flower Tales

God made flowers in all shapes and sizes.  This year, with the drought, we didn’t have many flowers and the ones we did have didn’t last long. So, for those of you that love flowers, here is a small flower bookmark. It’s not big, it’s not fancy, just a simple, little flower to hold your place. Hope you enjoy. (=

Materials Needed:

Small amount of WW Yarn
US “E” Crochet Hook
Yarn Needle

ch = chain
hdc = half double crochet
dc = double crochet
tr = treble crochet
sl st = slip stitch
fo =  fasten off

Different size hooks will produce different size hearts / bookmarks.  Adjust bookmark tail to your hook size if needed.
Work in round without joining.

Rnd 1: 10 sc in magic circle.  (change yarn here for a 2 colored flower if desired)
Rnd 2: (sl st into next st, ch 3, tr and dc both into next st) repeat around ending by slipping into last st.

Note: (for an even smaller, flatter flower, you can substitute ch 2, dc, hdc in the place of ch 3, tr, dc)

Do not cut yarn… continue with bookmark:

ch 70, 3 sc in 2nd ch st from hook, 3 sc in next 14 ch st, sl st to next ch st. fo.

Using yarn needle, draw yarn tail down through center of curly bookmark tail to conceal. Use yarn needle to hide yarn tail from magic ring. Voila! you are finished with your Flower Tales Bookmark. :)

© 2011 Stephanie Osborne  Please do not sell or distribute this pattern; instead just post a  link to the original, (http://rockin4god.com/2011/07/flower-tales-bookmark)   I don’t mind you using the items you make however you wish but please give credit to me as the pattern designer. I would love to see your photos when you make your own Flower Tales Bookmark.  Please use your own photos when posting your work. Feel free to leave comments. Thank you and God bless.



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