Whatever it Takes

I truly believe time is short. I believe we are living in the last days. The Bible prophesies of  the ‘end times’ or the days before Jesus returns. If you were to just look around you, you would see that many of these things are coming to past right now. Most Christians and some that are not Christians feel that things are ‘different’ now. The line ‘something evil comes this way’ seems to fit… but I think it’s already here. Satan is out trying to find anyone that he can destroy with his evil. Even he knows that his time is very limited.

Today, I read what someone wrote on a forum. He went into a small gas station that he frequents often. A nice dressed man was just leaving the building as he went in. He got in line to pay for his gas. The gentleman that just left, came back in to the counter. He was smiling and held up a finger at this person as if to say ‘just a second’. Then he leaned over to the cashier girl. He told her that something was weighing on his mind… he needed to tell her that Jesus Christ was coming back.. and very soon. He said it in a low voice, like it was just for her. Then he turned around and smiled at the person in line and left still smiling.

I had this happen not long ago. We were in Walmart and overheard part of a conversation between a customer and a csm manager. He was telling this manager, Jesus is coming back SOON! People know. Some are scared and don’t want to face it. Don’t be one of those people. Be ready to meet your Savior at all times.

I used to pray for frivolous things. Things that doesn’t seem to matter now. My prayer these days: “Lord, do whatever it takes to save their souls from hell”. Souls are the most important thing ever right now.  If you have unsaved loved ones… this is the time to do whatever you can to witness to them. Don’t spare another minute. Pray and intercede as you never have before.

Time is precious. Time is short. Spend time with Jesus. Not just on Sunday mornings… every day… all day. Like your life depended on it…. because friend… it does!




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